Landfill Accounts For Majority of Municipal Waste Treated in the EU27

In the EU27, 502 kg of municipal waste was generated per person in 2010, while 486 kg of municipal waste was treated per person. This municipal waste was treated in different ways – 38% was landfilled, 22% incinerated, 25% recycled and 15% composted. The amount of municipal waste generated varies significantly across Member States. Cyprus, … Read more

Energos Expands With Acquisition of BioGen Power

UK clean energy recovery from waste business Energos, part of the ENER-G group, has acquired waste to energy business BioGen Power through a share swap arrangement. Energos, which is gasification technology partner to BioGen Power, already had a 28% shareholding in the business. The deal brings together a joint portfolio of six fully consented UK … Read more

€10m Investment for Youghal Waste Recovery Plant

Eras Eco, the Cork based waste treatment and recycling plant, has announced plans for a €10 million investment in new environmentally friendly technology at its site at Foxhole, Youghal. Ten new full-time jobs will be created once the new facilities are commissioned in addition to approximately 20 jobs during the construction and installation phase. The … Read more

Veolia Environmental Services Wins £1 Billion UK Contract

Veolia Environmental Services (UK) has been awarded a 25-year PFI (Private Finance Initiative) residual waste treatment and disposal contract by Staffordshire County Council. The contract is worth approximately £1 billion (revenue from County Council, including third party waste and sale of electricity) over the lifetime of the contract and follows Veolia’s appointment as preferred bidder. … Read more

Residual Waste Capacity in England and Wales Could Exceed Demand

A new market report by Tolvik concludes that if all currently planned facilities for the treatment of residual waste in England and Wales were to actually be built, total capacity could exceed residual waste tonnages by 6% – following a similar path to that recently seen in Germany and Netherlands. The 2010 Market Briefing Report: … Read more