Increase in Packaging and Recovery Rates in 2011

Last year Ireland continued to exceed EU used packaging recovery and recycling targets by recovering and recycling 652,000 tonnes an increase of 4.1% on 2010, which represents the equivalent carbon savings of taking over a quarter of a million cars off Irish roads in 2011. Of the 652,000 tonnes Repak funded, 89% was recycled and … Read more

Global Municipal Solid Waste Continues to Grow

Growing prosperity and urbanisation could double the volume of municipal solid waste annually by 2025, challenging environmental and public health management in the world’s cities, according to new research conducted by the Worldwatch Institute for its Vital Signs Online service. Although some of this waste is eventually recycled, the doubling of waste that current projections … Read more

Eco Shoppers Recycle More Than 1,000 Tonnes of Electrical Waste Since 2007

WEEE Ireland is celebrating a landmark recycling result, with 1,182 tonnes of electrical waste recycled through 95 free electrical and battery recycling collection days held across the country with Tesco since 2007. That is enough kettles, toasters and televisions to fill every seat in Croke Park, the Aviva Stadium, Thomond Park and Pairc Ui Chaoimh … Read more

Step Change in British Plastics Recycling

Coca‑Cola Enterprises, the UK’s largest soft drinks producer, and ECO Plastics have officially opened their groundbreaking joint venture, Continuum Recycling, which is the world’s largest plastics processing facility. Completed on time and on budget, the £15 million facility is a first for Great Britain, and brings the recycling process full‑circle, with used plastic packaging sorted … Read more

Some EU Member States are Making Waste a Resource

Top performing EU Member States have recycling rates of up to 70 % and bury virtually nothing, whilst others still landfill more than three-quarters of their waste. A new report from the European Commission explains that by combining economic instruments the best performers have turned waste from a problem into a resource. A mix of landfilling … Read more

Wales Recycles 49% of its Waste

People in Wales recycled 49% of their waste between October and December 2011. This is a record increase of 6% against the same three months in 2010. The latest report published by the Welsh Government on local authority municipal waste management shows that for the second successive quarter people have recycled almost half (49%) of … Read more

Landfill Accounts For Majority of Municipal Waste Treated in the EU27

In the EU27, 502 kg of municipal waste was generated per person in 2010, while 486 kg of municipal waste was treated per person. This municipal waste was treated in different ways – 38% was landfilled, 22% incinerated, 25% recycled and 15% composted. The amount of municipal waste generated varies significantly across Member States. Cyprus, … Read more

Repak Welcomes Strong Packaging Recycling Trends

Repak Ireland has welcomed the findings on packaging recycling contained in ‘Environmental Indicators Ireland 2012’, the report just published by the CSO, which highlights Ireland’s ever improving approach to the recycling of packaging. It is part of a detailed piece of research, by the CSO, based around environmental data. Dr Andrew Hetherington, chief executive of … Read more

Ireland Has Fourth Highest Municipal Waste Per Person in EU27

In Ireland, 636 kg of municipal waste was generated per person in 2010, the fourth highest in the EU. 57% of this waste was landfilled, 4% was incinerated, 35% was recycled and 4% was composted. In the EU27 overall, 502 kg of municipal waste1 was generated per person in 2010, while 486 kg of municipal … Read more

Ireland Well Ahead of EU Packaging and Recycling Targets

Ireland’s packaging recovery and recycling rates continue to exceed EU packaging recycling targets, according to statistics contained in the latest EPA National Waste Report. The EU target for packaging recovery was 60% in 2011 with Ireland’s recovery rate of about 74% for 2010, placing it in the top six amongst other and longer established European … Read more