Increase in Packaging and Recovery Rates in 2011

Last year Ireland continued to exceed EU used packaging recovery and recycling targets by recovering and recycling 652,000 tonnes an increase of 4.1% on 2010, which represents the equivalent carbon savings of taking over a quarter of a million cars off Irish roads in 2011. Of the 652,000 tonnes Repak funded, 89% was recycled and … Read more

Repak Welcomes Strong Packaging Recycling Trends

Repak Ireland has welcomed the findings on packaging recycling contained in ‘Environmental Indicators Ireland 2012’, the report just published by the CSO, which highlights Ireland’s ever improving approach to the recycling of packaging. It is part of a detailed piece of research, by the CSO, based around environmental data. Dr Andrew Hetherington, chief executive of … Read more

Ireland Well Ahead of EU Packaging and Recycling Targets

Ireland’s packaging recovery and recycling rates continue to exceed EU packaging recycling targets, according to statistics contained in the latest EPA National Waste Report. The EU target for packaging recovery was 60% in 2011 with Ireland’s recovery rate of about 74% for 2010, placing it in the top six amongst other and longer established European … Read more

Repak Seeks Views of Members on Government Proposed Packaging Tax

Repak, the National Packaging Recycling Body, is seeking views and opinions from its members on the government’s proposed introduction of a broadly based packaging tax, which has been widely circulated to all stakeholders by the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government. The packaging tax was announced as part of the Government’s Programme for … Read more

Repak Seeks to Avoid Christmas Environmental Hangover

Repak is asking householders to keep up Ireland’s running success of recycling this Christmas with an expected 69,000 tonnes of used packaging being generated over the period. This seasonal 30% increase on the volume of packaging including cans, bottles, boxes and wrapping equates to enough packaging to fill 2.5 million green bins or 47 kilos … Read more

Repak Announces Membership Fee Freeze for 2011

Repak, the industry funded used packaging recycling scheme, has announced that due to the tough economic environment faced by its members that there will no increase in the 2011 fee membership. This is the third year in a row that membership fees have been frozen despite Repak maintaining all subsidies to recyclers at current levels, … Read more

‘Working 9 to 5’ but Irish People are Not Recycling Enough in These Hours

Repak Recycling Week kicks off today Monday October 4th with a focus on recycling in the office. Research carried for Repak Recycling Week shows that Irish people have much better recycling habits in the home than the workplace. The research of over 1,000 adults showed that 47% of those working do not regularly recycling in … Read more

Recycling Rate Reaches 65% as Repak Recycling Week Launches

Last year over 20 kilos of used packaging was recycled every second in Ireland according to packaging recycling scheme Repak. The results were announced at the launch of Repak Recycling Week which runs from October 4th to 10th and this year is encouraging people to recycle more by targeting recycling in the workplace. According to … Read more

Mr Binman Launches ‘Bag for Life’ With WLR fm

Mr Binman, the regional waste collection and recycling company, and Waterford radio station WLP fm have launched the Mr Binman/Deise AM Bag for Life campaign to reduce the use of plastic bags in the South East. Mr Binman is the current Repak Recycling Contractor of the Year and is constantly striving to increase the amount … Read more