Residual Waste Capacity in England and Wales Could Exceed Demand

A new market report by Tolvik concludes that if all currently planned facilities for the treatment of residual waste in England and Wales were to actually be built, total capacity could exceed residual waste tonnages by 6% – following a similar path to that recently seen in Germany and Netherlands.

The 2010 Market Briefing Report: ‘Residual Waste in England & Wales’ provides developers, funders, waste producers and policy makers, with a comprehensive overview of the current residual waste market, identifying future trends in residual waste tonnages and current capacity plans for residual waste treatment facilities (RWTFs) across England and Wales covering: energy from waste (EfW), mechanical biological treatment (MBT), autoclave, gasification and pyrolysis.

The 30 page report also considers alternative scenarios both for residual waste availability and the likelihood of RWTF capacity being constructed. The report provides a regional analysis of the future balance between residual waste availability and treatment capacity and provides commentary on some of the wider strategic implications of Tolvik’s findings.

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