New £90 Million Onshore Wind Fund For Scotland

UK energy group SSE has unveiled details of a new Scotland Sustainable Energy fund that could be worth more than £90 million over 25 years if it is able to realise its ambitions for new onshore wind farms in Scotland. The fund will be available for organisations promoting skills development, community energy schemes and improving … Read more

Scotland Reduces Waste to Landfill by Over a Third

The amount of waste from Scottish homes and businesses being landfilled has dropped by almost 36% in the past five years, with the amount of waste generated falling and waste recycling increasing.  Between 2005 and 2009, the total amount of waste generated fell by 22%, according to the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) in its annual … Read more

Biomass an Essential Part of Scotland’s Green Energy Mix

Energy generated from biomass has a key role to play in helping Scotland to achieve its 100% renewable target by 2020, according to members of the Lifetime Recycling Village. The Lifetime Recycling Village is currently developing proposals for a closed loop renewable energy and recycling facility in the West of Scotland that will take in … Read more

Report Questions Ability of Scottish Wind Power to Deliver

Stuart Young Consulting, with support from the John Muir Trust, has released a report studying the ability of wind power to make a significant contribution to the UK’s energy supply. It concludes that the average power output of wind turbines across Scotland is well below the rates often claimed by industry and government. Indeed, says … Read more

ScottishPower Renewables to Develop World’s First Tidal Power Arrray

ScottishPower Renewables is planning to develop a 10MW tidal power array in The Sound of Islay on Scotland’s west coast. The project, the first of its kind in the world, envisages generating enough renewable electricity to power the equivalent of the whole island. It is also the first tidal array project to be approved by … Read more

Scotland Looks to Capture Carbon Storage Potential

Scotland can realise the employment, economic and environmental benefits of carbon storage. A consortium of Scottish Government, industry and researchers has shown that rocks deep beneath the Moray Firth are capable of storing decades of CO2 output from Scotland’s power stations. This emerging Carbon Capture and Storage {CCS} industry could create at least 13,000 new … Read more

Scotland’s Carbon Capture Expertise to Go Global

Scotland is to design a blueprint to ensure carbon capture and storage technology (CCS) can be implemented effectively around the world. The Global CCS Institute has asked Scotland to develop a toolkit to help nations test the strength of regulations and the permitting process, build knowledge and test public engagement, ensuring CCS can be safely … Read more

£70 Million Boost to Build Scotland’s Offshore Green Economy

A £70 million investment fund to secure Scotland’s place at the forefront of the global offshore wind industry has been announced by the Scottish Government. The National Renewables Infrastructure Fund – to strengthen port and manufacturing facilities and supply chain provision for manufacturing offshore wind turbines and related components – will leverage significant private sector … Read more

One of World’s Largest Tidal Energy Projects Awarded

The Crown Estate, which owns the UK seabed out to the 12-nautical mile territorial limit and around half of the foreshore, has awarded an agreement for lease for the Inner Sound tidal project to MeyGen, a joint venture between Atlantis, International Power and Morgan Stanley. With a capacity of up to 400 MW, the project … Read more

Scotland’s Renewable Energy Target Raised to 80%

Scotland’s renewable electricity target for the next decade is being raised from 50% to 80%. First Minister Alex Salmond has confirmed the Scottish Government’s increased national target – now 80% of Scottish electricity consumption to come from renewables by 2020 – ahead of a major international conference – Scottish Low Carbon Investment Conference – next … Read more