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How to Survive an Ice Age

Researchers have uncovered how animals in Antarctica managed to survive glacial periods thousands of years ago when sea-ice encroached on their habitats. DNA evidence indicates that sea creatures used a variety of techniques, from surviving in the deep sea, to

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NUI Galway to Launch Ryan Institute With Public Symposium

NUI Galway’s Ryan Institute for Environmental, Marine and Energy Research will be officially launched on Tuesday, 10 July, by Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, the EU Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science. The Ryan Institute has over 300 researchers making it Ireland’s largest

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Wavebob is SmartBay Innovator of the Year

Wavebob has been recognised as one of Ireland’s leading engineering and research companies by winning the SmartBay Innovator of the Year Award. Wavebob was recognised for innovation, engineering and leadership in the emerging wave energy market. Four additional companies were

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NUI Galway PhD Student Receives Top International Award

Declan Gavigan, a PhD student from NUI Galway’s College of Engineering and Informatics and the Ryan Institute, recently received the Top Young Engineers’ Award. He was awarded the prize for a paper he presented on ‘Strength and durability performance of

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New Technology to Measure Impact of Extra Traffic Pollution in London

University of Leicester researchers are set to use new technology they have developed to monitor the impact of increased traffic on pollution levels in London during the Olympics. The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games are expected to draw 11 million

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Cracking Idea For Egg Shell Recycling

Scientists and food industry experts in the UK are hatching a plan to turn egg shells into plastics that could be used to manufacture anything from food packaging to construction materials. They also hope to extract material from egg shells

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Sea Ice Loss is Weakening Ocean’s Ability to Mop Up Atmospheric Carbon

New research suggests that melting sea ice is weakening the Arctic Ocean’s ability to capture and store atmospheric carbon. The study, carried out at the Catlin Arctic Survey’s Ice Base in March and April 2010 by a team at the

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When Size Matters – Nanotechnology For Energy Efficiency

New research at the University of Leicester in England is using nanotechnology to create energy efficient materials. With the increasing worldwide demand for energy there is a pressure to use the finite energy resources wisely whilst reducing one of the

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Palm Oil Insulation Could Transform Transformers

Research by a University of Leicester student has identified an environmentally friendly alternative to a major industrial use of oil. Abdelghaffar Abdelmalik, who is studying for a PhD in the University’s Department of Engineering, has discovered a way to treat

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Scotland Looks to Capture Carbon Storage Potential

Scotland can realise the employment, economic and environmental benefits of carbon storage. A consortium of Scottish Government, industry and researchers has shown that rocks deep beneath the Moray Firth are capable of storing decades of CO2 output from Scotland’s power

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