Innovative Smart Grid Technology Cuts Energy Costs and Carbon Emissions at Sainsbury

Grocery retailer Sainsbury’s is using experimental technology to help reduce the UK’s dependence on fossil fuels. Many people are unaware of the strain the National Grid comes under at peak times, as coal-fired power stations across the country have to be ‘switched on’ to meet the increased demand on the UK’s electricity supply. Power station … Read more

Oil Majors Slow to Take Up Sustainable Biofuels

Big oil companies bringing biofuel to the UK market are not doing enough to ensure that it is delivering carbon savings and being produced in a sustainable manner. BP, Chevron, Murco, Total, INEOS and Morgan all missed all three sustainability performance targets set as part of the UK Government’s Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO). Murco … Read more

UK Biofuels Exceeding Government Targets

According to the latest report by the Renewable Fuels Agency, almost 1.6 billion litres of biofuels were used in the UK in the twelve months since April 2009, accounting for 3.33% of total road transport fuel, exceeding the British Government’s target of 3.25%. This has resulted in significant carbon savings of 51% compared to petrol … Read more

Over a Third of Dail Legislation Emanated From Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources

As the Dail rises today, Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources Eamon Ryan TD has announced that of the 13 Acts that have been passed during this parliamentary session, five emanated from his Department. The five bills from the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources that were signed into law are: • Energy … Read more

Utilising Resources Through Clever Design at IKEA Dublin

Committed to reducing the environmental impact of all its operations while simultaneously improving efficiency, IKEA has invested €2.2 million on renewable energy and recycling technologies at its giant new store at Ballymun, Dublin, to make it one of the most advanced ‘green buildings’ in Ireland. IKEA opened its first store in Ireland at Ballymun in … Read more