Commission Proposes Strategy For Sustainable Bioeconomy in Europe

The European Commission has adopted a strategy to shift the European economy towards greater and more sustainable use of renewable resources. With the world population approaching 9 billion by 2050 and natural resources finite, Europe needs renewable biological resources for secure and healthy food and feed, as well as for materials, energy, and other products. … Read more

Global Warming Has Potentially Serious Implications For Fish Populations

Parasitic worms that infect fish, and have a devastating effect on fish reproduction, grow four times faster at higher temperatures – providing some of the first evidence that global warming affects the interactions between parasites and their hosts. The study from the University of Leicester in the UK revealed that global warming had the potential … Read more

New Climate Model Predicts Major Changes in River Flow and Water Temperature

A series of high-resolution computer models to assist land-use and fisheries managers in coping with the effects of climate change on sensitive peat land river catchments have been developed as part of the NDP funded RESCALE project (Review and Simulate Climate and Catchment Responses) at Burrishoole, Co Mayo. The research was led by the Department … Read more

Over a Third of Dail Legislation Emanated From Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources

As the Dail rises today, Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources Eamon Ryan TD has announced that of the 13 Acts that have been passed during this parliamentary session, five emanated from his Department. The five bills from the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources that were signed into law are: • Energy … Read more

Conservation – Inland Fisheries Ireland Commences Operation

In keeping with the Government’s programme for the rationalisation of State bodies, Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) has become operational to management the inland fisheries sector. The new body replaces the Central and seven Regional Fisheries Boards, the National Salmon Commission and eight Fisheries Co-operative Societies. The establishment of the IFI marks a new departure in … Read more