Small Increase in Greenhouse Gas Emissions in 2010 For Emissions Trading Companies

Data submitted by the EPA to the EU Commission show that emissions of greenhouse gases in 2010 for companies in Ireland covered by the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) are marginally higher than in the previous year. Greenhouse gas emissions from Irish companies participating in the ETS had declined from 22.43 Mtonnes CO2 in 2005 to … Read more

Professor Frank Convery Steps Down as Chair of Comhar SDC

Professor Frank Convery will step down as chairperson of Comhar Sustainable Development Council (SDC) on 31st December 2010. Comhar Sustainable Development Council was established in 1999 as the forum for national consultation and dialogue on all issues relating to sustainable development. The Council has 25 members drawn from five pillars: the State sector, the economic … Read more

5 Gigatonnes – The Gap Between Climate Science and Current Climate Cuts

Nations have the chance to deliver almost 60% of the emissions reductions needed to keep global temperatures under a 2 degrees Celsius rise. But only if the pledges made last year in Copenhagen are fully met. These are among the findings of a new report compiled by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and jointly authored … Read more