Professor Frank Convery Steps Down as Chair of Comhar SDC

Professor Frank Convery will step down as chairperson of Comhar Sustainable Development Council (SDC) on 31st December 2010. Comhar Sustainable Development Council was established in 1999 as the forum for national consultation and dialogue on all issues relating to sustainable development.

The Council has 25 members drawn from five pillars: the State sector, the economic sector, environmental NGOs, social / community NGOs, and the professional/academic sector. Comhar SDC is supported by a full-time executive and secretariat.

“I’ve been chairing Comhar SDC now for five years. It’s been a pleasure and a privilege, but it is time to move on. Most of us have only a few big ideas: mine included getting the prices right for greenhouse gases and water. For the past three years, I produced a bi-weekly commentary to stimulate discussion about sustainability. This regularly raised eyebrows and solicited reaction,” says Professor Convery. “I believe that it is now time to provide space for a fresh and different sort of leadership at Comhar SDC.”

December 21, 2010

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