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Climate Change Could Mean Big Changes For Europe’s Forests

Though they have survived fires, insect outbreaks and logging, the forests of Europe may now face their biggest challenge ever – climate change. Disrupted weather patterns could intensify droughts, fires, storms, pest infestations, species loss, and other natural calamities harmful

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Major Step Forward For European Power Grid Interconnection

The recent start-up of the grid interconnection between the UK and the Netherlands is a major step forward for a better interconnected electricity grid in Europe. The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) is a strong supporter of an integrated power

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New Research Shows 20 MW Wind Turbines are Feasible

20 Megawatt wind turbines are feasible, according to a new report from the EU-funded UpWind project. The UpWind project explored the design limits of up-scaling wind turbines to 20 Megawatt (MW) and found that they would have rotor diameters of

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China Charts ‘Clean Industrial Revolution’ to Power its New Economy

China is starting to act positively on international climate targets though challenges remain. A new report by The Climate Group commissioned by the HSBC Climate Change Centre of Excellence, says the Chinese government’s decision to put a ‘clean industrial revolution’

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Wind Energy Pioneer Receives European Award

The European wind energy sector’s most prestigious award, the Poul la Cour prize, has been presented to Henrik Stiesdal, chief technology officer at Siemens Wind Power. Henrik Stiesdal was one of the pioneers of modern wind energy technology and has

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Glass Recycling Continues to Increase in Europe

According to the latest glass recycling estimates – published one year ahead of the official Eurostat data – more than 67% of glass bottles and jars were collected for recycling in the European Union in 2009. The figures released by

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New Micro CHP System For Domestic Use

Vaillant, the heating and ventilation specialist, and vehicle manufacturer Honda have introduced a new micro-combined heat and power (mCHP) system for Europe. It is the first European system with highly efficient gas engine technology for use in single-family homes. The

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New Study Exposes Failure of Zoo Regulation Throughout Europe

Initial findings of The EU Zoo Inquiry 2011, the most comprehensive investigation into the licensing and performance of zoos across the EU, has revealed the systemic failure of governments, competent authorities and enforcement agencies to ensure that European zoos meet

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GE Signs Largest Wind Services Agreement in Europe

GE has signed a ten year contract with Spanish wind developer Cobra Energia to provide advanced services for 178 GE wind turbines installed at eight wind farms across Spain. The agreement is GE’s largest wind energy services contract in Europe,

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Alternative Fuels Could Replace Fossil Fuels in Europe by 2050

Alternative fuels have the potential to gradually replace fossil energy sources and make transport sustainable by 2050, according to a report presented to the European Commission by the stakeholder expert group on future transport fuels. The EU will need an

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