EirGrid Launches Framework for Development of Transmission Infrastructure

EirGrid has launched a five-stage framework document detailing its approach to the development of electricity transmission infrastructure and the opportunities for the public to provide input to the development of projects over the coming years. The document, ‘Approach to the Development of Electricity Transmission Lines’, details how EirGrid is adopting a framework for the development … Read more

New Smart Grid Initiative by EirGrid and SONI

Companies with an interest in sustainable electricity and Smart Grids are invited to participate in an R&D programme involving demonstration projects, organised by EirGrid and System Operator Northern Ireland (SONI), the operators of the grid in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The power system of Ireland and Northern Ireland is changing. In 2020 it is expected … Read more

Improved Grid Will Facilitate Economic Recovery

The upgraded national grid which is being put in place will provide a platform for Irish economic recovery and inward investment, according to EirGrid. During 2011, EirGrid completed approximately 80 km of new circuits as part of its Grid25 strategy and over 300 km of existing circuits were upgraded. A further 160 km of new … Read more

Public Consultation Commences on €500 Million Grid Link Project

Public consultation has started on the Grid Link Project, an estimated Eur500 million development planned by EirGrid to upgrade the electricity grid. The development will involve the construction of a new power line linking Leinster and Munster. The Grid Link Project is a key element of EirGrid’s Grid25 strategy – a Eur3.2 billion investment in … Read more

Ireland Passes Key Renewable Milestone

Ireland has passed a key renewable milestone as installed wind capacity now exceeds 2GW. That is enough power capacity to supply the needs of up to 1.3 million households on the island, depending on weather conditions. This is compared to just a quarter of that capacity connected a decade ago. Fintan Slye, director of operations … Read more

Top Experts Come Together at NUI Galway to Discuss Best Way of Putting Energy to Work for Ireland

As part of NUI Galway Energy Night experts from the fields of business, enterprise and investment, innovation and energy technology will come together to debate ‘Putting Energy to Work for Ireland’ on Tuesday, 6 March. The Energy Night will run from 2 pm in the Bailey Allen Hall, NUI Galway, with the panel discussion commencing … Read more

Natural Resources Committee to Debate Key Electricity Interconnector

The Joint Committee on Communications, Natural Resources and Agriculture will be briefed by a wide range of opinion on the proposed €280 million high-voltage power line from Meath to Tyrone, when meets on Tuesday 21 February. Representatives from the International Expert Commission, comprising three industry experts from Sweden, Norway and Belgium and established by Minister … Read more

Wind Farm Developers Granted Improved Access to Electricity Transmission Grid

Wind farm developers have been granted improved access to the electricity transmission grid following a change to the rules that removes a significant market risk for them. After representations from EirGrid, the Commission for Energy Regulation has changed market access rules giving 1621 megawatts of wind power, representing 131 wind farms, the prospect of improved … Read more

Online Platform to Assist Energy Transactions on Ireland’s First Interconnector to Wales

EirGrid has taken a significant step closer to the start of trading on the East West electricity Interconnector with the launch of a new online auction management platform that will facilitate the purchase of interconnector capacity, as well as detail auction calendars and products. The system also manages trading on the Moyle Interconnector linking Northern … Read more

EirGrid Completes Transmission Grid Connection Offer Programme

EirGrid has completed its work in offering transmission grid connections to wind farms as part of the Gate 3 programme. The Gate 3 grid connection offer programme is one which has the potential to result in a three-fold increase in the amount of renewable energy on the electricity network and EirGrid has been working with … Read more