EirGrid Launches Framework for Development of Transmission Infrastructure

EirGrid has launched a five-stage framework document detailing its approach to the development of electricity transmission infrastructure and the opportunities for the public to provide input to the development of projects over the coming years.

The document, ‘Approach to the Development of Electricity Transmission Lines’, details how EirGrid is adopting a framework for the development of major projects that provides a clear and transparent process to all stakeholders, including the public and landowners.

Consultation and engagement are significant elements of the framework. EirGrid will endeavour to keep the public informed about projects, providing opportunities for input and feedback through all stages of the process.

“The purpose of this document is to provide information as to how we progress our large-scale transmission infrastructure projects over a number of key stages – through the public planning process, to construction and eventual operation,” explains Aidan Corcoran, manager of EirGrid’s Grid25 programme to upgrade the national grid.

EirGrid has identified five key stages of project development – four of which are undertaken prior to the lodgement of an application for planning permission.

Stage One – EirGrid begins the process of gathering technical, environmental and other information regarding the project, including early public and stakeholder consultation.

Stage Two – The results of consultation, together with technical and environmental studies are used to determine an emerging preferred route corridor or substation site. This is subject to further consultation and initial landowner engagement.

Stage Three – Site-specific technical and environmental surveys are carried out and a preliminary design of the proposed development is completed, with ongoing landowner engagement.

Stage Four – A planning application is prepared and submitted to the appropriate planning authority.

Stage Five – If the application is successful, construction plans are developed and wayleave notices are issued to landowners seeking access to land.

Over the course of – EirGrid’s Grid25 programme, approximately Eur3.2 billion will be invested in the planning

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