Sea Ice Loss is Weakening Ocean’s Ability to Mop Up Atmospheric Carbon

New research suggests that melting sea ice is weakening the Arctic Ocean’s ability to capture and store atmospheric carbon. The study, carried out at the Catlin Arctic Survey’s Ice Base in March and April 2010 by a team at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada, focuses on the efficiency of an important biological ‘pump’ … Read more

Two Severe Amazon Droughts in Five Years Alarms Scientists

The Amazon rainforest, long regarded as a valuable carbon sink slowing climate change, is in danger of becoming a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. New research shows that the 2010 Amazon drought may have been even more devastating to the region’s rainforests than the unusual 2005 drought, which was previously billed as a one-in-100 … Read more

EU Should Help Economic Assessment of Forestry’s Role in Combating Climate Change

Forests have a key role to play in combating climate change, both as a carbon sink and as a source of renewable energy, but initiatives to boost forestry for this purpose need to be subject to proper economic assessment, according to the findings of an inquiry by the British House of Lords Sub-Committee on Agriculture, … Read more