New Waste Licensing Requirements

The EPA has issued a revised Waste Licence Application Form that inter alia reflects the requirements of the European Union Waste Framework Directive on Waste (2008/98/EC). The Waste Management Act 1996 to 2011 has already been amended to incorporate these requirements.

Applicants are now obliged to demonstrate how the proposed waste activity complies with the revised EU Waste Hierarchy, where new management techniques of ‘preparing for reuse’ and ‘other recovery (including energy recovery)’ have been adopted, and is consistent with the principles of self-sufficiency and proximity.

The EPA has also revised its Waste Licence Application Guidance Notes on the methodologies to be applied in the assessment of the impacts of emissions from the activity. These include noise, surface waters and groundwater. It also requires the development of a Conceptual Site Models for ‘Brownfield’ sites and remedial works at illegal waste disposal sites and the mandatory completion of an Appropriate Assessment Screening (Stage 1) for all projects.

These changes reflect the requirements of the Environmental Objectives (Surface Waters) Regulations 2009, the Environmental Objectives (Groundwater Regulations) Regulations 2010, Code of Practice: Environmental Risk Assessment for Unregulated Waste Disposal Sites, the European Communities (Birds and Natural Habitats Directive) Regulations 2011 and the European Union (Environmental Impact Assessment) (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) Regulations 2012 (SI No 282 of 2012). The Integrated Pollution Prevention Control (IPPC) Application Form was amended in May 2012 to incorporate these legislative changes.

As the Waste Framework Directive and the Regulations apply to all waste activities, it is likely that the application forms for Waste Permits and Certificates of Registration will also be amended.

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