107 Advanced Gasification Power Plants to be Built in UK by 2030

CHO Power, a specialist in the waste and biomass to energy sector, has completed a detailed market study that shows that 650 new advanced gasification power plants will have to be built in Europe by 2030 to meet EU renewable energy targets. Biomass, from mixed solid waste to wood pellets, is the greatest primary energy source in the mix of renewables.

The growth of this market in recent years has been limited by the lack of appropriate technologies. Thanks to the use of efficient gasification technologies, the proportion of electricity produced from waste and biomass is set to grow in the years to come.

The study shows that in Europe, this additional renewable electricity capacity to be installed between 2015 and 2030 is estimated at 19,649 MWe; from which 6,501 MWe will be produced by advanced gasification technologies such as CHO Power.

The United Kingdom will represent more than 16% of this market with 1,083 MWe advanced gasification capacity to be installed by 2030, representing 107 reasonably sized power plants adapted to a typical 100-150,000 inhabitants area, assuring an effective territorial network to meet the demand. This ranks the UK as one of the most attractive market in Europe sustained by landfill costs and the virtuous Renewable Obligation system which has recently confirmed its support to the gasification technology.

CHO Power engineers, builds and operates power plants using waste and biomass feedstock, relying on the well-established gasification principle enhanced by the plasma torch technology of its mother company Europlasma. CHO Power delivers turnkey plants, either as a main contractor or in association with local contractors.

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