Irish firm developing longer-lasting batteries

Longer-lasting phone and computer batteries could be on the way thanks to a €1.6m investment in a young Irish company.

The technology being developed by InfiniLED could also result in quicker diagnosis of health issues.

By discovering a way of generating more light using less energy in LEDs (light emitting diodes), which are about one-fifth the width of a strand of hair, the firm holds the key to reducing associated power usage.

The use of LEDs is well-established in lighting screens for mobile phones, televisions and computers, and the technology could lead to extended battery life for these and related consumer electronics.

The Micro LED system may also have new applications in the medical devices sector, particularly for point-of-care equipment likely to revolutionise diagnostics.

Using technology like that developed at Tyndall National Institute, based at University College Cork, potential partner firms may also produce equipment that GPs can use for analysis of blood and urine samples.

The boost of up to €1.6m from Canadian firm IL Investment Group and Enterprise Ireland, will help speed up improvements to the technology.

Since the deal, which was finalised last month, the number of researchers employed by InfiniLED has risen from two to seven. It may more than double by the end of next year, with a number of development contracts already running and the first products using the technology due to come on the market later this year. The company was set up just over a year ago.

Minister for Research and Innovation Sean Sherlock said the development was an endorsement of the support provided to the early stages of the Micro LED project by Enterprise Ireland.

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