Diageo partners up for zero waste in Belfast

Diageo is on track to reach zero waste to landfill by 2015 at its Belfast production plants in Northern Ireland by engaging in an industrial symbiosis programme.

The drinks manufacturer is among a core group of companies working with Invest Northern Ireland, a regional business development agency, to implement a zero waste to landfill policy.

Under the programme, Diageo is working with other organisations and key stakeholders to exchange materials, energy, water and by-products through the shared use of assets, logistics and expertise.

Diageo’s smallpack compliance manager Joanne Doak said industrial symbosis had helped the company divert over 450 tonnes of waste, including hazardous waste, from landfill so far across its Belfast operations.

She said: “We are well on the way to achieving zero waste. Diageo is proud of this achievement and we have agreed to host an industrial symbiosis workshop so that other businesses can learn from and share in our success.”

Invest NI’s director of technology & process development Olive Hill added: “As well as the obvious costs associated with waste disposal, there are a lot of hidden costs such as skip hire and collection charges.

“Add in the cost of raw materials and the processing time and energy used to get waste into the skip, and the real cost of waste escalates.

“The fact is that waste is costing businesses a lot of money so it makes sense for companies to reduce or eliminate the amount of waste that has to go to landfill.”

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