London Charges Ahead With Wireless Electric Vehicle Technology

The drive to deliver cleaner air for London has had a boost with the announcement that Transport for London (TfL) will be part of a pioneering trial of wireless charge points for electric vehicles (EVs). The innovative technology enables motorists to charge batteries by driving over an electric charge pad, instead of plugging in their vehicle. Four of TfL’s vehicles will be fitted out so they can use the charging pads.

London’s electric charge point network – Source London – is also leading the way in making electric vehicles more accessible, with the announcement that 13 ‘fast charge’ points have been installed in strategic locations in the network, which will make it even easier for the drivers to charge their electric cars. These are in addition to the 200 plus electric vehicle charge points that Source London has already installed across the city, which will increase to 1,300 points by 2013.

It can take up to eight hours to fully charge an electric vehicle with a ‘standard’ EV charge point, but the ‘fast charge’ points can reduce this to just four hours. The new ‘fast charge’ EV points have been installed by Source London partners, four by NCP and Scottish and Southern Energy, two points by Southwark Council and seven by Hillingdon Council. While the network is managed by TfL, Source London’s broad range of public and private partners are key in the delivery of charge points.

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