Wind Delivers Record Energy Levels in Ireland

The growing importance of wind as a key energy resource for Ireland was reaffirmed recently as a record power output level of 1,323 megawatts – enough to power more than 850,000 homes – was recorded, the Irish Wind Energy Association (IWEA) has revealed. According to figures available from Eirgrid, the new record was achieved on Monday, April 4th at 9.45am.

Two and three quarters hours earlier, the amount of electricity being generated from wind was just under 50% of national electricity demand at that time.

EirGrid monitors and matches electricity generation and usage nationally 24/7 at its headquarters in Dublin.

“This record confirms the impact that wind energy can have. We have seen records broken on a number of occasions recently and as we continue to grow this sector in 2011, we are developing knowledge and skills that the rest of the world will need in the coming decade,” comments Michael Walsh, chief executive of  IWEA. “Ireland is leading the way and showing that high wind levels are achievable which brings with it opportunities to advance Ireland’s strategy for economic renewal.”

Ireland currently has 1,425MW of installed wind energy across the Republic, with over 1100MW contracted and 3900MW receiving grid connections in the next phase of Grid Connections, Gate 3. Outside of this there are over 11GW of wind energy projects awaiting Grid connection, which signals a major increase in the energy that will be available in future from this natural resource.

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