Ecocem wins again at the green awards

David O'Flynn Ecocem, Minister Hogan, Peter Seymour Ecocem


Minister Hogan presented Ecocem with the first award of the night, the “Green Product Award”.  Ecocem first won this award in 2010 and were delighted to be selected again this year.

In the past year Ecocem Materials saved:

450,000 tonnes of CO2
4,700 tonnes of SO2, NOx, CO, PM10
900,000 tonnes of limestone and shale
540,000 MWh

Speaking at the Green Awards at the Burlington Hotel Mr. Phil Hogan, T.D., Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government emphasised the important role of businesses in supporting efforts to protect and improve our environment.  “I think it has been conclusively proven that the only way to achieve our environmental goals is through cooperation and a coordinated approach by all parts of society.  Business has played its part and we must not allow our performance to wane in challenging times.  We all can and should work together to continue to improve our environment”. 

The Minister praised the innovation of the various businesses nominated for awards, noting that,  “among the entrants for tonight’s awards there are many examples of companies approaching environmental problems in new and innovative ways.  Innovation and the identification of new opportunities will be vital if we are to bring our economy back to growth as quickly as possible.”

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