Clare County Launches Severe Winter Weather Guide

Clare County Council has launched an online advice and information guide to raise awareness of the importance of preparing for severe weather during winter. The ‘Be Winter-Ready’ guide has been published on the Council website,, and is part of a Government initiative launched in November. The guide features flooding advice, tips on how to … Read more

Limerick County Council Launches Severe Weather Guide

Limerick County Council has launched an online advice and information guide for householders and the business community on how to prepare for severe weather periods and how to handle emergencies during severe weather. The ‘Severe Weather Guide’ features flooding advice, reducing the risk of water leakages and shortages during freezing weather, safety tips for driving … Read more

Infrastructure Must Adapt to Protect UK Economic Growth From Climate Change

Urgent action is required to protect the infrastructure which the UK national economy relies upon from the effects of climate change, warns British Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman. Planning and design will need to take into account the impact which more extreme weather will have on essential services such as transport networks and power supplies, otherwise … Read more

Environment Committee Launches Report on Management of Severe Weather Conditions

Following extensive consultation and consideration, the Oireachtas Committee on Environment, Heritage and Local Government will launch its report on the Management of Severe Weather Conditions, at 2:30 pm today (July 20th) in the AV Room of Leinster House. The report has examined the causes and subsequent response to the prolonged flooding which afflicted many parts … Read more