ESB launches The Big Energy Hack

ESB is today launching Ireland’s first ever energy hackathon, The Big Energy Hack – bringing great minds together for over 48 hours to disrupt, invent and innovate, with the aim of developing solutions for a low carbon future. The Big Energy Hack will take place from 21st-23rd October 2016, in Dogpatch Labs, Customs House Quay, Dublin 1.

ESB is on the hunt for 150 of the best and brightest minds in Ireland. We want hackers from a diverse range of fields including IT, innovation, marketing, design, finance and entrepreneurship, to help unearth smart ideas that could help lower carbon emissions and combat climate change – through  smarter energy efficiency in the home, enhancing the ecar experience and optimising the electricity network.

Participants of The Big Energy Hack will be tasked with three energy focused challenges, with cash prizes of €5,000, €3,000 and €2,000 up for grabs for the most innovative ideas. Hackers with the top ground-breaking creations and concepts will also have the opportunity to bring their ideas to the next level at ESB’s innovation hub, X_Site.

Speaking about The Big Energy Hack, Paul Mulvaney, Executive Director of Innovation at ESB said, “At ESB, we are passionately dedicated to innovating and shaping the energy of the future through collaboration, harnessing relationships with external partners and developing new commercial products and services for all customers. Innovation has always been at the heart of ESB from the pioneering development of Ardnacrusha hydro power station in 1927 to our diversification in recent years including – renewable sources of energy, smart networks, energy efficiency, smart homes and electric vehicles.

The hosting of Ireland’s first energy hackathon underpins our commitment to innovation and technology, while inspiring and empowering everyone to contribute to a low carbon economy,” Paul added.

The Big Energy Hack challenges will explore new ways of powering homes, transport and the electricity network. The challenges are:

Challenge #1: How can ESB empower customers to be more energy efficient in their homes?

Challenge #2: How can ESB enhance the ecar driving experience?

Challenge #3: How can ESB improve the reliability and quality of the electricity supply?