14 Tonnes of Cardboard Re-manufactured and Reused

Rebox Recycling re-manufacture cardboard boxes and layer pads into custom made cardboard boxes for their customers and for this reason they are always looking to connect with businesses that have cardboard boxes/layer pads on a regular basis. The SMILE team connected them with another SMILE member who have large quantities of both cardboard boxes and layer pads.

Since the introduction, the company now accumulate the cardboard straight from production in a large container which is then collected by Rebox Recycling. To date over 14 tonnes (17,000 items) of cardboard has been collected by Rebox Recycling and is being re-manufactured into new cardboard boxes. This synergy will be on-going with Rebox Recycling collecting the cardboard on a monthly basis which will equate to approximately 42 tonnes of cardboard being reused on an annual basis.


14 tonnes of cardboard reused to date (42 tonnes annually)
17,000 items remanufactured into custom made cardboard boxes
€4,250 cost savings for Rebox Recycling on the purchasing costs associated with buying these boxes as new
€11,050 revenue generated by Rebox Recycling
Savings made on the disposal costs of the cardboard
The lifecycle of the cardboard has been extended

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