‘Sea Change’ as McLaughlin & Harvey Goes ‘Off-Shore’

Northern Ireland-based construction and engineering company, McLaughlin & Harvey has launched a specialist division which responds directly to the emerging and growing needs of the tidal and wave energy industry. Encompassing McLaughlin & Harvey’s globally renowned marine renewables department, the newly formed ‘Off Shore’ division will build on the company’s vast engineering experience in specialist marine plant and the deployment of tidal energy devices.

Product innovation and world-class solutions are at the core of the new division thanks to the recruitment of a team of marine and engineering experts and a major investment in R&D. This has resulted in the completion of the first phase of a major rig development project which, by harnessing the latest technologies, enables tidal and wave energy converters to be installed on the seabed in a more economically viable way than has previously been available.

Marine energy experts involved in the project believe the new fully tooled and proven solution has the potential to revolutionise the industry by overcoming many of the challenges and excessive costs associated with ocean device installation.

Adam Holland, Marine Renewables Manager, says: “The tidal and wave industry is maturing rapidly and the  announcement demonstrates our commitment to keep ahead of the latest developments; to address the challenges facing the industry; and to develop solutions which deliver cost effective and timely results. This is most evident through our success in developing a unique installation technique for tidal energy device foundations. Suited to a variety of tidal/wave energy turbines and deliverable even in the most extreme conditions, this new technology offers a futuristic solution to today’s energy problems and has already been heralded as an industry breakthrough.”


David Bell of Invest NI and Adam Holland of McLaughlin & Harvey.

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