Free, Fun Events During National Biodiversity Week

To celebrate the wonders of Ireland’s nature and wildlife, over 70 free events will be held during National Biodiversity Week from 18 to 26 May. From beaches and bogs to forests and mountains, there are exciting events and activities to suit all ages.

“This is a great opportunity to get out explore the variety of the natural world around you,’” says Michael Ewing, spokesperson for the Irish Environmental Network, a network of 32 national environmental groups. Many of the groups are holding National Biodiversity Week events.

“Often we don’t have the time, the opportunity or perhaps the confidence to explore our natural surroundings as much as we’d like. Biodiversity Week is about making it fun and easy to be part of nature. The events are all free and led by wildlife experts so I really encourage everyone to get involved,” he adds.

As part of National Biodiversity Week celebrations, the Irish Environmental Network is holding a photography competition with the theme ‘Water and Nature’. Details of National Biodiversity Week events and the photography competition can be found at

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