EPA Climate Change Lecture – EU Leading on Actions to Address Climate Change

The EPA climate change lecture series continues on Tuesday 23rd April with a lecture entitled “European Union leadership on Global Climate Change Policy”. The lecture will be given by Mr Jos Delbeke, Director General of the European Commission’s DG Climate Action.

The lecture will review EU leadership in addressing global climate change.  It will also look at the development of EU policy up to and through Kyoto, the lessons from Copenhagen and what an anticipated new international agreement on climate change in 2015 could deliver in terms of avoiding a 2-6oC warmer world and preventing dangerous and unmanageable climate change impacts.

Laura Burke Director General of the EPA comments: “It is a time of important developments on climate change here in Ireland, in Europe and globally. Jos Delbeke has unique insights on these issues and we are delighted that he has agreed to provide a lecture in the EPA climate change series.  I am sure that it will be a fascinating and unique event.”

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