Calor Extends Successful ‘Now You Can’ Advertising Campaign

Calor, Ireland’s leading supplier of LPG, is extending its successful ‘Now You Can’ campaign, with mass media campaign during 2013. Calor is committing €1 million to support the year-long campaign.

The ‘Now You Can’ campaign complements the company’s on-going business strategy to become the rural energy provider of choice for the 750,000 homes that do not have access to natural gas and aims to encourage homeowners to switch to Calor Gas. It will be supported by two promotional campaigns to encourage customers to switch, they are:

* 6 months of Gas Free – Customers get 1,000 litres on switching to Calor; for an average domestic home heating customer this could equate to half their annual gas bill.

*  Interest Free Options – Calor will offer customers who switch the chance to spread the cost of switching over 1-2 years with no interest charges.

An important element of the strategy is to educate Calor’s target audience on the significant heating and financial benefits of Calor’s customer focused service offers. Once again, the TV adverts will see Calor’s much loved driver, Eddie, still on the road delivering gas to an underground tank at a rural household.

The campaign includes a series of 10, 20 and 40 second TV spots, 30 second radio spots, press and digital.

Paula Kelly, Marketing Manager, Calor, says: “With the extension of our hugely successful ‘Now You Can’ campaign we are positioning Calor as the brand who provides tailored solutions for our customers energy needs, and is the next stage of our journey to establish Calor as the rural energy provider of choice. Through this campaign we want to highlight to customers that there is real choice available in the market and supports available to them to switch. This is about offering customers a real choice, but more importantly, the opportunity to make significant savings in their gas and home heating costs. In today’s competitive energy market there is a real demand for an efficient, cost-effective gas supplier for homeowners. ”

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