Joule implements €100k ERP solution from Simply Dynamics

Simply Dynamics, a leading provider of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, today announced that it has implemented a €100,000 ERP solution for Joule, an Irish manufacturer and distributer of hot water and solar systems.  The system gives Joule much more control over cost as it helps streamline its operations.

Joule designs and produces copper and stainless steel hot water cylinders and solar thermal heating systems. It manufactures these innovative, green-tech products from its facility in Ballyfermot, Dublin. Founded in 2007 by two young Irish entrepreneurs Ronan Ginnell and Ian Barrett, it has become one of Ireland’s largest manufacturers of solar panel, hot water and tube systems.

Joule has grown by 40% over the last year, opening its first UK and Polish offices. International expansion meant that it needed an ERP system that would seamlessly manage all its processes including manufacturing, sales, purchase and financials and provide accurate, up-to-date information across the international businesses at the touch of a button.

Simply Dynamics was chosen to provide its Microsoft Dynamics NAV, ERP solution which has the in-built flexibility to adapt and grow, meeting the changing business needs of Joule as it continues to expand.  The UK and Polish offices have been easily integrated into the Simply Dynamics system, giving the company complete visibility over its entire business, across all territories.

Joule buys copper to manufacture cylinders which it sells to heating, plumbing and hardware merchants. It needs an accurate overview of the stock costs but as the price of copper can fluctuate at any given time this can have a knock on effect on the price of Joule’s current stock. The ERP system allows Joule to manage cost variances, removing the risk of selling stock at a loss.

An additional benefit is having visibility of turnover by product category, enabling Joule to determine the most profitable parts of the company in each market. Joule can now react quickly to refocus on-going business plans in each region and target business where it is experiencing above average margins.

Ronan Ginnell, director and co-founder, Joule said, “We chose Simply Dynamics’ as they had the proven experience and it was essential to us that this new system was a success from day one. The Simply Dynamics team took the time to get to know our business and understand the pressures of working in this industry. They implemented the software around our product system as opposed to the other way around and have continued to offer us proactive support ever since.”

“We now have the accurate insight we need to minimise costs, improve decision making and increase revenue as the ERP solution is providing fast access to our company wide information, and allows us to drill down to the transaction level for details.”

David Treanor, technical director, Simply Dynamics said, “With such a rapidly growing specialist business we had to tailor the Microsoft Dynamics Nav solution to give Joule improved control over finance and operations. Our customers are at the centre of everything we do and with our single product focus we have built a team of experts that work with customers such as Joule to ensure the ERP system will do what it is meant to, and improve the efficiency and productivity of their company.”

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