Sustainable drainage systems resource website launched

A website that provides a variety of resources for those involved in delivering sustainable drainage systems (SUDS) was launched this week.
SUDS help to manage flood risk and water quality by using cost effective solutions with low environmental impact to drain away dirty water and surface water run-off through collection, storage, and cleaning before releasing it slowly back into the environment.

The online community susdrain will include up-to-date guidance, information, case studies, videos, photos and discussion forums. These tools aim to underpin the planning, design, approval, construction and maintenance of SUDS.

The website was launched by the Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA) and funded by Defra, the Environment Agency and other key industry players.

CIRIA claimed: “The widespread delivery of sustainable drainage provides a great opportunity to improve the quality of our places, respond to flooding, environmental challenges and associated legislation as well as more efficiently adapt to future change.”

The association hopes the website will provide a community of support to drainage and highways engineers, planners, urban designers, landscape architects, housing developers, drainage suppliers, flooding managers, biodiversity managers and members of the general public to increase knowledge and confidence in the delivery of SUDS.

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