In yet another step towards doing business in a low- carbon, energy efficient economy, water solutions provider EPS has been awarded the internationally accredited CEMARS™ (Certified Emissions Measurement And Reduction Scheme) certification. EPS is the first DBO water and wastewater solutions company in Ireland and one of the first Tier 2 providers in the UK water industry to receive this certification for its carbon reporting.

EPS is a highly experienced and global provider of water and wastewater products and services. The company has a unique perspective as it is engaged in the full end to end processes of the sectors its serves, from individual component manufacturing through to design, investment, asset construction, operation and maintenance. To achieve CEMARS™ certification EPS completed a detailed review of its operations and accounted for all its scope 1 , 2 and four scope 3 GHG emissions, as well as setting out longer term commitments to reduce its carbon emissions. Achievement of this certification confirms that EPS is operating in compliance with ISO 14064-1:2006 and demonstrates the group’s commitment to measuring, managing and reducing its operational emissions.

EPS aims to become the leading company in its sector when it comes to energy management and carbon reduction by developing sustainable water solutions throughout its operations in Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe. The CEMARS™ certification reflects the ongoing commitment of EPS as an energy conscious company which will ensure maximum return on investment while also contributing to the protection of the environment both now and in the future.

Declan O’ Riordan, Energy Manager at EPS: “EPS have a responsibility to reduce the impact of our operations and services on the environment, this has been demonstrated through the sustainable solutions we offer our clients such as the Tullamore wastewater treatment plant project in which huge energy efficiencies were achieved. This enables our clients to meet their goals to be sustainable using our resources. To support us in managing and reducing our impacts, we developed a robust monitoring system of which CEMARS™ plays an integral part. To differentiate ourselves from our peers we lead by example by building strong relationships with our clients and continuing our efforts to be an increasingly efficient business, while at the same time protecting our environment. This is key ingredient in the road ahead for our organisation.”

The EPS Group CEMARS™ certification includes the combined activities of all group companies including Electrical and Pump Services Limited, EPS, EPS Water UK, EPS Pumping and Treatment Systems, Conder Environmental Solutions and AH Cullen.

What is CEMARS™?

CEMARS™ is the world-class standard adopted by Achilles for its carbon Reduction programme. It is the world’s first internationally accredited greenhouse gas certification scheme to ISO14065. For further information on CEMARS™ please go to www.achilles.com/carbonfootprint

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