Dr. John Ryan introduces his book “Reducing Energy Consumption”

Dublin, 12th September, 2012 – Dr John Ryan, Certification Europe today unveiled his new book called “Reducing Energy Consumption – How to Accelerate Your Energy Efficiency Programme” at the energy event in the NEC, Birmingham. John is a leading speaker in the field of energy management and sustainable business and was delighted to author the book when the joint publishers The Major Energy Users’ Council (MEUC) and British Gas approached him; as energy conservation and sustainability is of immense importance to the UK government and organisations globally at the moment.

“This publication is aimed at an organisations  general management, as its language is not technical and its content refer to the actual impact that energy management decisions have on companies’  processes and performance,”  stated Dr. Ryan, Director of Services, Certification Europe. “I began my research by taking into account the Government aim of making the UK one of the world’s greenest economies, and its effort to reflect that aim via the consistent support for companies transferring to low-carbon electricity (Feed-in Tariffs scheme, 2010). In my book I would like to highlight how all organisations can benefit from this scheme and above all from a more efficient use of energy resources; from large multinational with multiple operational sites, to small individual and family businesses”.

Organisations face a number of questions when they are considering their energy efficiency such as why is your company’s electricity bill high? Have you established your company’s energy priorities, and have you considered how the weather conditions can impact on your company’s energy consumption? Are photovoltaic, wind, or biomasses viable solutions to consider for an organisation which wants to put in place an innovative programme of energy efficiency? Have you engaged your staff to support the company’s energy consumption? To these and more questions John Ryan’s book gives coherent, timely answers.

“Reducing Energy Consumption – How To Accelerate Your Energy Efficiency Programme” is in fact a practical manual supported by examples and simulations that guide the reader along the actual process of measuring a company’s consumption, setting and reaching energy saving targets, and maximising financial resources allocated to energy investments and expenditures. The environment, external factors, and alternative renewable energy sources are also taken into account in the book. The final part of the book is focused on key insights on ISO 50001 – Energy Management Systems (EnMS), the new international standard which provides a framework for establishing energy management best practice to help organisations to improve their energy performance in a logical, controlled and systematic way.

“I’m grateful to the MEUC and British Gas for selecting me to make my contribution as the evangelist on a key topic such as organisations’ efficiency in energy consumption. I believe that this is a direct outcome of the recognition and respect that Certification Europe has achieved both in the UK and internationally as a key player in the area of ISO 50001 assurance and in management Systems certification in general,” concluded Dr. Ryan.

Dr. John Ryan’s book can be purchased through the MEUC www.meuc.co.uk and Certification Europe www.certificationeurope.com websites.



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