EPA Publishes Biodiversity Action Plan

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has today published its first biannual update of its Biodiversity Action Plan, to mark International Day for Biological Diversity on Tuesday 22nd May 2012.

This Biodiversity Action Plan sets out the EPA’s progress in the implementation of its role in protecting biodiversity and covers a range of activities in the following areas:

Assessment and Reporting;
Environmental Regulation;
Climate Change and

The plan demonstrates the on-going commitment of the EPA to protect Ireland’s biodiversity and underlines the substantial support role undertaken by the EPA in this area.

Micheál Ó Cinnéide, EPA Director, Office of Environmental Assessment said,
“The EPA is releasing its Biodiversity Action Plan to mark the International Day for Biological Diversity.  This Plan highlights the wide range of significant actions which will be undertaken by the EPA in relation to the protection of biodiversity.

The EPA has significant new roles under the Environmental Liability Directive in relation to the liabilities of operators causing damage or risk of damage to protected species and habitats, and the identification of appropriate remediation. In implementing its functions relating to the licensing and regulation of various activities, the EPA will continue to ensure that biodiversity is protected.”

The Biodiversity Action Plan can be accessed on the EPA’s website at http://www.epa.ie/downloads/pubs/biodiversity/name,33378,en.html.

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