Call For Single Standard For Charging E-Vehicles

E-mobility has the potential to play a key role in meeting the challenges towards sustainable transport. However, standardisation of the connection between the electricity grid and electrically-chargeable vehicles is one of the prerequisites to help e-mobility gain a viable market share.

ACEA, CLEPA and EURELECTRIC jointly agree on the need for a single harmonised plug system for the recharging of electric vehicles on both the vehicle and the infrastructure sides, and have put forward a proposal accordingly. The associations stress that this issue needs to be solved urgently, before the rolling-out of the infrastructure starts in different Member States on a wider scale.

Therefore, the associations are jointly and strongly urging the relevant European Institutions, and in particular the European Commission, to take appropriate measures to ensure the implementation of a single solution for the charging of electrically-chargeable vehicles in Europe, in line with the European industry proposal.

Standardisation provides predictability to investors; it enables economies of scale, reduces costs for all stakeholders and is essential in increasing user acceptance. All relevant industries want to provide a simple and cross-border operational solution for European citizens.

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