Kildare company creates 45 jobs in two months

A KILDARE based company has s created over 45 new jobs over the last two months with the awarding of major contracts from the Office of Public Works.

Murphy Surveys Ltd, an Irish professional services company based in Kilcullen, has been awarded a number of major contracts from the Office of Public Works in relation to a Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management Programme (CFRAM), creating the new positions.

The CFRAM projects are on-going as part of the Government’s flood risk assessment being carried out by the Office of Public Works. The study will identify and examine in detail the causes of flooding throughout different catchment areas and produce an integrated plan of specific measures to address the significant flood risk factors. It is intended that the CFRAM Studies should meet the requirements of the EU Directive on the assessment and management flood risks.

The CFRAM project requires Murphy Surveys to carry out detailed surveying of rivers, weirs, river banks, structures, etc. related to or nearby the catchment areas. This information will in turn provide essential information enabling solutions to be found for flood levels and risk assessments to be carried out.

Niall Murphy, director said: “We are delighted to have been selected to carry out these projects which have been part of our growth plans over the last few years. To be able to create substantial employment, in an industry that is seen from the outside to be in serious decline is hugely rewarding.

“Our company has retained its excellent workforce over the past number of years all of whom have played a huge part in undertaking projects of this size. We are delighted to be winning contracts in Ireland against our European competitors in a time where there is a lot of negative publicity regarding the Irish tender process”.

Enterprise Ireland has played a major role in supporting Murphy Surveys to this point and has helped the company in attaining its development potential. Their mentoring of the company has enabled Murphy Surveys to gain a stronger position in the market. Niall Coulston of Enterprise Ireland said

“Murphy Surveys Ltd is an excellent example of a company rebounding strongly from the challenges faced in the Irish market through export led growth. Supported by a committed and focussed workforce the company present a strong value proposition in a niche market and can compete aggressively at an international level.”

For the last number of years Murphy Surveys have been working on developing their business to achieve a strong position in global markets in order to prosper their business. One of the areas that has been developed includes an efficient workflow system to carry out such large projects, with major emphasis on safety, efficiency and quality.

Niall Murphy said “Our growth strategy is aimed clearly on greater penetration of the Irish & UK markets and we see huge opportunities for on-going growth in our sector and look forward to continuing to drive the future of the industry.”

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