Nualight alliance could be worth $100m

Irish specialist lighting group Nualight has said that its alliance with global refrigeration systems group Hussman to provide LED lighting products to retailers in the Americas could be worth $100 million to the pair over the next two to three years.

The companies have jointly developed a family of products called EcoShine II, which they say will “provide lighting alternatives that enhance every retailer’s food merchandising strategy”.

In addition to the visual appeal of LED lights, there are substantial energy savings compared to fluorescent lighting energy costs.

Nualight, which is supported by Enterprise Ireland, said LED fixtures also allow energy savings of more than 60 per cent and reduce maintenance costs.

The announcement was made yesterday during the Taoiseach’s US visit.

The Irish company said that the alliance would enhance its reach into north, central and south America.

Its chief executive, Liam Kelly (pictured), said it would allow both companies to combine sales and marketing resources to develop new business opportunities and reduce costs.

“Digital lighting is not a commodity and its introduction into refrigerated display environments is not simply a matter of bulb replacement,” he said. “Each display case presents a unique set of characteristics.”

Nualight is funded by Climate Change Capital, ESB Novus Modus, 4th Level Ventures and the Quinn retail family.

It recently announced a partnership with British grocer Sainsbury’s for a significant LED lighting programme in refrigerated cases across all of its stores.

Other customers include the Co-operative Group, Tesco, Morrisons, Marks Spencer, Migros, Tengelmann and Coop Switzerland.

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