ISO50001 – EPS Group

Water solutions provider EPS Group sets another industry first for energy management. EPS Group has become the first DBO Water and Wastewater Solutions company in the UK and Ireland to receive an ISO50001 accreditation for its energy management system.

EPS group, as one of Ireland’s largest water solutions providers is committed to continuous energy performance so as to minimise its impact on the environment. Whilst the production of potable water and the treatment of wastewater prior to discharge to our waterways is an environmental benefit, it requires a significant consumption of energy. EPS recognised this significant impact and has worked continuously over recent years to minimise its impact.

Reduction in energy consumption is now embedded in the organisation’s culture right through from initial design stage to the operation stage of all of our projects and activities. Setting and raising the standard is not a new achievement for EPS. The achievement of ISO14001 in April 2003 was also an industry first and is now the industry norm and EPS expect that it will be inevitable that other industry players will need to follow EPS’s lead in the reduction of energy and the implementation of an effective energy management system.

The water sector in the UK and Ireland faces a number of significant challenges and in particular in the areas of energy and carbon consumption which present a common challenge for the entire sector. EPS will continue to play its role in driving standards in this important area of our activities.

Congratulations and well done to all for supporting the company in attaining the standard over the past number of months. It has involved significant effort and time by the ISO50001 implementation committee to achieve this success for EPS. The implementation committee comprises Joanne Treacy, Declan O’ Riordan, Barry O ‘Toole, Brian Barry and John Lynch and a sincere thank you to all on behalf of the company for driving this energy initiative.

ISO50001 is an international standard for organisations to establish the required processes and systems so as to enable the improvement of energy performance, which includes energy consumption, efficiency and awareness.

The implementation of the standard will play a major role in the reduction of energy consumption and costs as well as green-house gas emissions and various other environmental and economic benefits. The standard was published in June 2011 and it will become a leading and necessary standard for all progressive and energy conscious organisations.

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