Two More Wind Farms Approved in Scotland

Two wind farms which can power over 90,000 homes have been approved by the Scottish Government. The 177 MW Dorenell wind farm on the Glenfiddich estate, near Dufftown in Moray, will power 84,000 homes – double the number of homes in Moray.

The project will see a capital investment of over £250 million, generating at least £93 million in direct benefits for the Scottish economy. Around 75 jobs will be created in construction, with further maintenance jobs once operational, and the developer, Infinergy will seek to use local contractors and suppliers.

Infinergy has also committed to deliver long lasting community benefits, worth around £350,000 per year, including new housing and tourism opportunities through a new visitor centre.

The six turbine, 21 MW extension to the 104 MW Muaitheabhal wind farm on the Eisgein estate in Lewis will add capacity to power an additional 9,000 homes. The Muaitheabhal Community Windfarm Trust will benefit from a share of the revenue generated by the privately owned element of the consented Muaitheabhal wind farm and extension, and the developer will also pay a portion of its annual revenue to the Western Isles Development Trust.

The Scottish Government has now determined 56 energy applications, including approval for 47 new renewable and three non-renewable projects, since May 2007. The Scottish Government is currently considering another 40 applications of nearly four Gigawatts of renewables capacity.

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