Investigation Resumes into Water Supply, Storage and Disposal

The Committee on Environment, Transport, Culture and the Gaeltacht will resume its investigation into the supply, storage, provision, disposal and cost of water when it meets today (January 10th) with Dr Eoin Reeves, University of Limerick, Paddy Beirne, Leitrim County Council and Michael Wall, SIPTU.

Dr Eoin Reeves is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Economics, University of Limerick. His research interests include different aspects of public sector economics. In a recent book co-written with Dr Donal Palcic, Privatisation in Ireland – Lessons from a European Economy, he has advised against full privatisation of strategically important State-owned enterprises. For its part, SIPTU has said in the past that water management must be maintained under public control. As Water & Sewage Caretaker, Leitrim County, Paddy Beirne has a clear insight into the operation of water services at ground level.

The meeting will provide Dr Reeves, Mr Beirne and Mr Wall with an opportunity to outline their views on water infrastructure, supply and storage. Committee members will have a chance to hear their analysis of the various issues involved in providing water services and water infrastructure.

”It is clear that we need immediate action now to ensure that we have an adequate water infrastructure in the future and to prevent future water shortages and the Committee has identified this issue as a priority and a major concern,” says Committee Chairman Ciarán Lynch, TD.

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