Cylon Active Energy Announces First US Contract Win

Cylon Active Energy, the new energy management division of Cylon Group, has announced its first contract win in the US, following a successful trade mission with Enterprise Ireland. The contract with the Raleigh Convention Centre in North Carolina will see Cylon apply its cloud based real-time energy management technology to centrally monitor and analyse the energy consumption of the Centre remotely from its Dublin-based Energy Bureau in Clonshaugh. In addition, Cylon’s engineers will use this information to determine the efficiency of the building, identify key areas for improvement and make recommendations on maximising energy efficiency and delivering energy savings for the Raleigh Convention Centre.

Dublin-based Cylon Group is an international leader in the development of building energy management systems and a pioneer in the provision of energy management services to public and private organisations across a range of sectors including local government, office, education, healthcare, retail, hospitality and leisure and transport. It is currently one of the largest independent manufacturers of building control systems in Europe.

“We’re very excited about this new contract which highlights our unique ability to centrally monitor, analyse and manage the energy consumption of buildings regardless of geographical location, using our cloud based real-time energy management technology. The contract is also a declaration of our considerable ambition in the US market and underscores the considerable opportunities that massive market holds,” says Sean Giblin, managing director of Cylon Group.

He continues: “Cylon has had considerable presence in the US market for over 15 years with its advanced building control systems but there has been little focus on Energy Management and conservation in the US market. This is rapidly changing through increasing cost and regulatory pressures and we believe our unparalleled expertise and unique technology puts us in an ideal position to become a leader in this field in the US, as well as in our other core markets in Europe.”

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