Bank of Ireland 8-10% Energy Savings

The Bank of Ireland Group (BoI) is the largest independent banking group in Ireland and the largest deposit bank. Founded in 1783 by Royal Charter, it is now is composed of a listed operational parent company with 20 business units in offices across Ireland and the UK. With Multi- Billion in assets, and over 1 Million customers, BoI has a broad, diversified, and complementary customer base. It is a traditional, relationship-driven retail and commercial bank with a conservative business philosophy. Bank of Ireland Group recognises that its business activities have an impact on the environment, its policy is to minimise that impact.

In 2008-9 a renewed focus on cost control became paramount given the economic situation that pertained. In 2009 BoI sought a number of strategic step change initiatives to manage costs within the Group. Building energy and water management solutions for the 315 branch network became one of those step-changes. Research within the Group Facilities team identified several areas with significant potential, including 8-10% energy savings that might be available by simply identifying & rigorously managing branch out-of-hours electricity use.

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