Strong Sales Growth and Ambitious Plans Net Green Award for Gaia-Wind

Strong Sales Growth and Ambitious Plans Net Green Award for Gaia-Wind
Small wind turbine manufacturer Gaia-Wind Ltd has today won the prestigious Scottish Renewables Green Energy Award for business growth. The Award recognises “outstanding business growth or the development of exciting and ambitious plans for the future by a renewable energy business” and comes just days after the company was ranked at number five in the list of Europe’s fastest growing Cleantech companies.*

Niall Stuart, Chief Executive of Scottish Renewables, said:
“The winners reflect the huge strength in Scotland’s renewable energy industry, and the range of different types of projects from new community wind developments to cutting-edge wave and tidal devices. All of them will make their own important contribution to Scotland’s ambitions for renewables and in creating jobs, promoting investment and in cutting carbon emissions over the coming years.”
Gaia-Wind CEO Johnnie Andringa said: “Renewable energy is crucial to the future of Scotland and the UK and small wind is a vital sector. Gaia Wind is very proud to have been recognised as delivering outstanding growth in our sector by developing and carrying out our “ambitious plans” for what we believe certainly will be a very exciting future.”

“Over the course of the last year or so Gaia-Wind has created a world class Global Hub integrating R&D, design engineering, assembly and testing, as well as worldwide distribution and supply chain management – all on one site in Glasgow.

“The business is growing faster than the market: According to the FIT register Gaia-Wind had about 30% unit share of installed turbines in the 10-20kW range over the 15 months leading up to June this year. On this platform we have generated more than 30 jobs in our UK Company, not to mention the immediate service and supply chain, with the potential to double this figure in the coming years.

“This success is built on long experience” said Andringa. “More than 350 Gaia-Wind turbines have been “in the ground” for a combined operational time of more than 11 million hours. That’s over 1255 years. In Denmark, for example 77 of our Gaia-Wind turbines have been running for more than 10 years

“Our customers now live in an information-rich environment. This means renewables companies have got to be able to back up their sales techniques with the facts. Transparency about performance, potential return on investment and help with planning are key to helping our customers join the green energy revolution.”

Notes to Editors:
1. For further information call Martin Paterson on 07920715345, email, or visit
2. Gaia-Wind Ltd is a manufacturer of world leading high performance Small Wind Turbines, servicing farms, large residences, small businesses, and public buildings. The company is headquartered in Glasgow, and has appointed distributors in England, Ireland, Italy and the US.

3. * GP Bullhound has published a list of the 30 fastest growing Cleantech companies in Europe, based on their financial performance between 2008 and 2010. To see the full list:

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