EPA Launches New On-line national Register for Extractive Industries

The Environmental Protection Agency has launched a new extractive industries website. Extractive Industries are facilities engaged in surface or underground extraction of mineral resources for commercial purposes for example, quarries, mining sites or peat extraction.

The website is a data management system that provides a single mechanism to create a national register of Extractive Industries. Local authorities can use the new e-register to maintain a current register of facilities under their remit and the EPA is using it to provide information on all EPA-licensed extractive industries facilities.

This on-line register will allow members of the public to access information on extractive facilities. Visitors to the site can download reports which include maps, boundaries, grid co-ordinates as well as operation details and licensing/permitting authority. The register will also contain an inventory of closed extractive waste facilities.

The register will assist in meeting reporting requirements to the European Commission in accordance with Commission Decision 2009/358/EC and Directive 2006/21/EC. Environmental information can be searched using the following options:

* Site registration number

* Permit/licensing authority

* Local Authority area

* Name of the facility

* Status of site: active or closed

* Regulation 20 sites (if the site is a risk to the environment or human health).

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