Signs Wind Turbine Supply Agreement

County Cork company and L-Power, based in Puglia, Italy, have signed a wind turbine supply agreement for the export of reconditioned wind turbines to Italy. will source, recondition and adapt the turbines to suit the Italian wind energy market, while L-Power will market, install and service the turbines for the end user. The turbines will be reconditioned and adapted in our 10,000 sq ft premises in Bandon and transported to Italy as new. has been researching the Italian market for over 8 months and has had a number of visits to Italy with L-Power coming to Ireland in return. will be exporting turbines in the size range of 55kw up to 500Kw.

L-Power is currently working on over 72 separate projects for grid connection authorization in the Puglia region and down as far as Sicily. It is expected that the agreement will drive the creation of a number of new jobs within the company starting in the next few weeks.

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