SolarPrint pioneers next wave of indoor energy harvesting

For the past three years in Dublin, SolarPrint has been quietly developing its solar cell technology, which has the potential to transform the wireless sensor industry and help buildings, especially homes, become smarter and leaner in terms of their energy usage.The company is now ready to share its technology with the world. This week, SolarPrint will be presenting at ID Tech Ex in Boston, sharing the podium with speakers from companies such as Philips, Analog Devices, Ford Motor Company, Sharp, InStep NanoPower, Volvo Technology and US entities such as the National Institute of Aerospace, the Naval Research Laboratory – plus representatives from MIT, Princeton, University of Iowa, and Imperial College London.

SolarPrint has pioneered a new type of solar cell technology that actually converts light from any source of energy, even the ambient lighting in your home.
Used in wireless networks, the company’s technology could signal a powerful new means of helping to create smarter buildings of the future and might even help to prolong battery life in mobile phones down the line.


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