Winner – GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

(A journey in energy management)

Company Information

GlaxoSmithKline, Cork facility, which was established in 1975, develops and manufactures the active ingredients of medical compounds for both clinical and commercial use.   The Cork operation is engaged in development chemistry, analytical chemistry, and chemical and process engineering. It is a strategic global new product introduction site within GSK’s manufacturing network, where they have a highly automated manufacturing facility, as well as an R&D pilot plant with laboratories.

Project Description

With the combined introduction of new corporate energy reduction targets and cost savings programme, GSK Cork set about implementing a step change approach to reduce energy consumption at the site. With support from the site Operational Excellence (OE) team, along with input from cross functional teams, GSK Cork identified a number of innovative projects to reduce site energy usage by 18%. Through the use of structured prioritisation matrices, GSK implemented the most attractive energy reduction projects. The site base load has been reduced significantly since late 2008 by incorporating demand controlled use of utilities such as chilled water. Production scheduling has also been influenced with a view to treating waste flows in the most energy efficient manners. Utilities, HVAC and WWTP operations have also been re-engineered to more closely match operational load demands.

In parallel, GSK adopted a system of performance management metric reviews to monitor and  target energy performance gains; GSK Cork exceeded the 18% reduction target and delivered an unprecedented energy use reduction of 23% in 2009. An additional 6% of energy savings were delivered in 2010 and the programme was also expanded to include the use of tiered metrics to deliver additional energy savings.

Judges Description

Substantial energy savings were achieved with a sustained energy management programme developed for the future. The programme has improved site competitiveness in a difficult economic environment and delivered strong savings over a number of years by means of a sustainable structured approach. Last year energy savings amounted to 20% of overall energy use. The energy management programme using techniques such as 6 Sigma and Kaizen events with in an EN16000 structure can be replicated in other sites.

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