Kids Go Green With a New Game and a Mission to Save the Earth

Mission Earth is a new game that has been designed by teenagers for families to enjoy together – and with each roll of the dice, there is a lesson about carbon saving to be learned. Mission Earth is the brainchild of a group of teenage girls from Oxfordshire.

So inspired was the design that games company, Gibsons, decided to commercially produce it, taking the principles and where possible applying them to manufacture. Made in the UK, the new game has a unique board that folds up to become the box so reducing packaging and waste. It is the carbon that can be saved by the children who play with it however, that could really make a difference, as they naturally adapt to a greener more eco friendly way of life.

Mission Earth is a race to save the planet. The scene is set in the year 2259 where players witness what earth might look like in the future unless we all act now. Moving along the board and taking their message back to earth is the principle, with the addition of question and action cards that will make the players think!

The aim is not just to be the first to get back to earth; but to lose all of your carbon tokens along the way. As players move, they select cards that will determine how many carbon tokens they will collect or lose during the game.

Chance cards instantly result in picking up or losing carbon tokens. For instance, forget to recycle your egg boxes and you pick up a carbon token. Take your old clothes to a charity shop instead of putting them in the bin and you’ll put two back!

With such a lot of information to be gained from one game, the manufacturer was determined that the fun factor would not be forgotten. Gibsons has spent a lot of time ensuring that the balance between fun and facts is just right and the end result is a high quality game for all the family. Mission Earth goes on sale in September.

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