Huge solar electricity contract finished two weeks early

A Staffordshire company is celebrating after one of the largest factory roof solar pv electricity projects in the UK was switched on two weeks ahead of schedule – allowing thousands of pounds worth of extra savings on power.

Rugeley, Cannock-based A1 Solar Solutions Limited installed 1,700 solar panels, in just six weeks,producing the equivalent  power needed for 47 homes.

During the job, on a warehouse roof in Great Barr, seven A1 Solar Solutions staff used 7,000 metres of cable and 45,000 bolts to fix roof mountings.

They also installed several huge Fronius CL inverters to convert the DC power into AC, along with associated control equipment.  And the whole system worked as soon as it was switched on, now generating 303 kWP instantly, in optimum conditions, saving client Selecta Systems an estimated £15,500 a month – a third of its current electricity bill.

The system generates 221,974 kWh per year and 5.53 MW of electricity over 25 years. An average house uses 4,800 kWh per year, which  means the Seleca system equals the annual requirement of 47 homes.

“Working to a strict schedule we beat the deadline for the Government’s Feed-In-Tariff scheme and our client, a profile extrusion company,  is now enjoying huge savings on its electricity bill, while earning money from the national grid,” said A1 Solar Solutions technical director, Ian Webb.
“Detailed planning was the key to getting this right first time. It was a huge project, but we have highly experienced, qualified and confident staff.”

The system has been installed on the roof of the extrusion, storage and picking warehouse in Selecta Avenue. “This is one of the largest roof installations undertaken in this country and is the forerunner of many as companies realise  just how much they can save on their electricity bills,” said A1 Solar Solutions company director Paul Grinsell. “When you can save some £15,500 on a monthly bill, it can make a huge difference  to a company, its profitability and efficiency.”

A1 Solar Solutions are on or can be contacted on 01889 578 699.

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