One Industrial Collaboration is Energy in the Making

The collaborative network, One Industrial, has been formed by three Northern Ireland specialist engineering companies to offer a turnkey service in the construction, installation and maintenance of renewable energy plants. The collaboration is between Axon Power and Control, Eurofab Structural Engineering, both Dungannon, and Pipesketch in Londonderry.

“This is an important strategic initiative by three local companies which have identified the extent of new business opportunities particularly in renewable energy generation and have combined to maximise the potential of their extensive expertise and experience. The companies have teamed up to provide one accessible point of contact that will deliver end-to-end installations, commissioning, operations and maintenance,” explains Tracy Meharg, Invest NI’s managing director of innovation and capability development.

“The businesses in the One Industrial collaboration have almost 50 years experience in engineering services for the energy sector in the UK, Ireland and internationally,” points out John Donaghy, managing director of Axon Power. “Together they offer a uniquely convenient and cost effective method for European companies to deliver their renewable energy projects anywhere in the UK or Ireland.”

Axon Power designed and installed the automated controls for an incinerator bottom ash processing plant at Brentford in England. Eurofab engineered and installed a state-of-the-art pellet storage and distribution plant for a biomass plant for Forever Fuels in Devon, England. Pipesketch designed, fabricated and installed the pipework at the Deutzbank ICT Data Centre in London.

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