SEAI is First in Ireland to be SWiFT 3000 Certified

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) has become the first organisation in Ireland, to be certified to the SWiFT 3000: Code of Practice for Corporate Governance Assessment in Ireland. SWiFT 3000’s primary objective is to provide organisations of all sizes and types with a standard framework of assessment of compliance with relevant corporate governance codes.

Professor Owen Lewis, chief executive of SEAI.

More than a dozen key professional bodies engaged in the promotion of best corporate governance practice participated in SWiFT 3000’s development through a National Standards Authority of Ireland consultative committee, including the public and private sectors and corporate governance experts from academia. It specifies the requirements for the Corporate Governance Assessment (including board effectiveness) in companies and involves an independent external assessor reviewing a company’s compliance with their corporate governance codes and obligations.

“This certification is a testament to the governance culture developed by the SEAI board and the hard work and dedication of the team at SEAI in implementing the process. I would strongly encourage other board members, company secretaries and business owners to implement SWiFT 3000 as an essential element in their overall strategy,” comments Professor Owen Lewis, chief executive of SEAI. “The award of SWiFT 3000 certification to SEAI will assure our stakeholders that we have the right structures, behaviours and practices in place and help us to continuously improve upon our corporate governance standards.”

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